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Natural skincare for babies & little ones - all our skincare is lovingly handmade in small batches using only the best ingredients that nature offers. Created for sensitive skin, our products are formulated to hydrate, repair and soothe delicate skin*.

(*And they're good for grown ups, too!)



About Sqwidge

About Sqwidge

About Sqwidge

Sqwidge specialises in 100% natural skincare for babies, tots and toddlers. The idea for Sqwidge came about after Narynda, Founder of Narynda Skincare, became a grandmother in 2013. When looking after her granddaughter who has sensitive skin, Narynda was hesitant to use high-street skincare products that are so often filled with artificial fragrances, chemicals and harsh preservatives. Instead she threw on her lab coat and and set to work formulating her own high-performance, effective and soothing baby oil to heal young skin. 

In 2019 Narynda has launched her 100% Natural Sleepy Baby Oil, specifically designed to relax the body, calm the senses and prepare youngsters for sleep. 

Sqwidge is an honest, ethical, pure skincare range for little ones to help repair and protect sensitive skin that keeps skin healthy for their future. We're so confident you'll fall in love (and asleep!) with our baby oil that we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. 

About Narynda Skincare

With over 15 years experience of treating skin conditions, Narynda first started making her own creams after suffering from acute stress-induced dermatitis. Using the wax from her bees in the garden to remedy her children’s hayfever, along with natural shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils, Narynda blended her own moisturizer that healed her condition and made her skin look more radiant, plumper and healthier than before.


Since then, Narynda has reformulated her original creams keeping the same natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives or fragrances to avoid irritating the skin. Her eco-friendly range consists of eight products to nurture and replenish the face and body from the very first application. These include: Day Cream, Night Cream, Toner, Cleanser, Scrub, Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Heel Balm. Each one is richly packed with the best of nature’s goodness to give long-term, healthy skin, so you only need a little bit to work wonders.


Alongside formulating and manufacturing her own adult range of skincare for sensitive-prone skin, Narynda Skincare, she decided to create an honest, ethical and pure range for youngsters to help calm, repair and protect their delicate skin.

Starting in her kitchen (where all of Narynda's best ideas happen), Narynda began mixing, tweaking and testing ingredients using only the best natural oils, butters and waxes. From years of experience working with natural skincare, Narynda has become an expert in treating sensitive-prone skin conditions with long term benefits. After months of research and development, Narynda landed on her four perfectly formulated Sleepy Baby Oil.

Did you know...?

All our products are made by Narynda herself in her lab in Cambridge, using ethically soured and sustainable ingredients. We only use ingredients of the highest quality and purity, so much so that they're safe enough to eat (although we wouldn't recommend it!). None of our products are ever tested on animals and are free from artificial fragrances, preservatives, parabens or SLS.


Narynda Kumar, Founder of Narynda Skincare and Sqwidge 

Our Ethos

At Sqwidge we are great believers in the power, goodness and healing properties of Mother Nature. In a world surrounded by chemicals and pollution, we feel it is so important to treat your body as kindly as possible from the inside and out. For us that means exercising regularly, eating healthy and only using natural ingredients as much as possible from household cleaning products to natural products in our daily routine. That's why all our products are 100% natural, because we know that what you put onto your body goes into your body. Nature gives the world potent ingredients that can really help to rebalance skin, healthily. As such we've made sure all our packaging is environmentally friendly, so our hard-working products are as easily recyclable as they are affordable.

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Soil Association / COSMOS Certified


Our Sleepy Baby Oil is proudly accredited by Soil Association, which means we adhere to strict standards, rigorous checks and high quality ingredients.

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100% Natural



All our products are designed with sensitive skin in mind - that's why we promise each product is natural and using the best of nature's goodness.

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Zero Waste


We love our planet and wholeheartedly believe in recycling and reusing. Our packaging (for now) is made from recycled plastic for purely practical reasons when using, and is fully recyclable.

Cruelty Free



Animals are the backbone to this wonderful earth. We believe in respecting, valuing and protecting them at all costs, so none of our products have been or ever will be tested on animals.